Signia BTE Fast P

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BrandSignia ModelFast P TypeBehind The Ear Aids (BTE) Ideal ForAdults FeaturesClarity In Hearing ,Noise Level Controller ,User Friendly ,Easy To Operate Warranty Duration2 Years

Siemens-Signia BTE Fast P Hearing Aid |Siemens Ear machine prices|

Siemens-Signia BTE Fast P: This is formerly known as Siemens ear machine and now change as Signia hearing aid. Siemens-Signia Fast P comes in a basic segment and very cheapest ear machine prices. Available in Behind the ear hearing aid devices, this amplification is higher covers severe to profound hearing loss. Siemens-Signia BTE Fast P has proven hearing aid technology and very useful for the hearing impaired people in a basic segment. The Signia BTE Fast P covers all essential requirement and provides the best listening quality to the user. Fast P is very user-friendly; a patient can adjust pushing handy rocker switch for adjustment setting. With Siemens-Signia Fast P you experience great hearing experience.

Siemens-Signia BTE Fast P Detail Features Advantage and Benefits

Siemens ear machine is made very user-friendly and useful for the low budget category with cover high-frequency hearing loss easily.

  • In Fast P BTE Microphone pick up a sound and gives you best speech understanding in your environment.
  • With the help of Rocker Switch button, you can set a sound profile according to your hearing preference.
  • Siemens ear machine Fast P has 13 Battery size used.
  • Ear hook made ergonomic techniques and helps in sound amplification.
  • Coupling direct connects to a tube and gives max amplification of any hearing loss.
  • Noise reduction function help to suppress sound in your environment available in Siemens- Signia BTE Fast P hearing aid model.
  • Omni Directionality and feedback cancellation.
  • This signia BTE fast P has 4 channel hearing aid function.
  • Gain 62/130 and hearing aid fitting range is 10-80

Siemens-Signia Ear Machine Fitting process.

Siemens ear machine prices vary as per the function available budget and lifestyle of the user. The Siemens-signia BTE hearing aid fitting is very easy when once proper checking of hearing loss of the patient.

After hearing test, the appropriate selection of sound profile setting through rocker switch as per the hearing loss. Adjust the Signia Fast P tube as per the ear shape and fitted into the canal for the best hearing experience through Siemens ear machine mode Signia Fast P BTE.