Hearing Aid Batteries Supplier In Maharashtra And India.

Hearing Aid Batteries Supplier In Mahrastra And India.

Once you’ve purchased your hearing aids, there are some accessories that keep them operative properly and in the best condition. additionally, to a case to hold them in and tools to assist keep them clean, hearing aid batteries are a vital and in progress purchase for each hearing aid user.

Types of hearing aid batteries

While there are rechargeable hearing aid batteries obtainable in the market, the foremost common kind continues to be the zinc-air button disposable battery. historically hearing aid batteries were created victimization trace amounts of mercury to help with conduction and stabilize internal elements, however, mercury is not any longer utilized in hearing aid batteries.
Zinc batteries are air-activated and the seal of the battery permits them or contact with oxygen cover by the sticker and permit to them inactive till removal.
Once the sticker removed from the rear of the battery, a chemical element can act with the metal within the hearing aid battery and “turn it on.” to induce the most effective performance from a zinc-air battery, wait concerning one minute when removing the sticker to totally activate before putting it within the hearing device. replacement the sticker won't deactivate the battery, therefore once the sticker is removed, the battery can stay in a vigorous state till the ability is drained.
Zinc-air batteries stay stable for up to 3 years once hold on in a very temperature, dry setting. Storing zinc-air batteries within the icebox has no edges and will cause condensation to make beneath the sticker, that may cut back battery life untimely.

Sizes of hearing aid  batteries

Hearing aids battereis are available totally many alternatives sizes and designs and with different power wants. Larger hearing aids need larger batteries. to boot, hearing aids for individuals with severe or profound hearing losses generally need additional power and bigger batteries.

There are 5 sizes of hearing aid batteries obtainable on the market. The sizes from smallest to largest are five, 10, 312, 13 and 675. Size five hearing aid batteries are seldom used. The four commonest hearing aid battery sizes are all smaller than the diameter of a dime:
• Size ten - five.8 metric linear units wide by three.6 mm high
• Size 312 - seven.9 metric linear units wide by three.6 mm high
• Size thirteen - seven.9 metric linear units wide by five.4 mm high
• Size 675 - eleven.6 metric linear units wide by five.4 mm high
Because size variations are also onerous to note and tough to recollect, battery packaging is color-coded therefore finding and buying the proper ones is less complicated.
• Size five batteries - red label
• Size ten batteries - yellow label
• Size 312 batteries - brown label (most common within the U.S.)
• Size thirteen batteries - orange label
• Size 675 batteries - blue label

Hearing Aid Battery Life.

Hearing aid batteries life will be five to fourteen day used with the proper precaution of hearing aid. This can be depending on power and dimension of hearing aid. A smaller battery has a short life compared to the large battery.
The average period of hearing aid batteries is as follows:
• Size ten - 3 to seven days
• Size 312 - 3 to ten days
• Size thirteen - six to fourteen days
• Size 675 - 9 to twenty days
If you're experiencing shortened battery life, there is also a difficulty with the hearing device. in this case, you ought to consult your user manual or contact your hearing healthcare skilled to form certain everything is functioning properly.

How to extend the lifetime of a hearing aid battery?

While there aren’t any foolproof ways that to increase battery life, the following tips can make sure the power isn’t being wasted.
Turn the hearing devices off once not in use and leave the battery compartment door open long. Not solely can this facilitate keep battery power from being wasted, it'll enable any wet that has designed up from the day's use to evaporate long.
To get optimum performance from your batteries, continuously store them at temperature. Heat exposure and wet environments like a toilet can shorten battery life. Also, batteries shouldn’t be carried loose in pockets, a handbag or a backpack wherever they could acquire contact with different metal objects like coins or keys which will short-circuit the hearing aid batteries.