Siemens RIC Orion 2 (312)

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BrandSignia ModelOrion 2 (312) TypeReceiver In The Canal (RIC) Ideal ForAdults FeaturesPortable ,Sleek & Smart ,Clarity In Hearing ,Noise Level Controller ,User Friendly ,Easy To Operate ,Digital Warranty Duration2 Years
Multi channel Compression,Automatic Adaptive Multi Channel Directionality,Speech & Noise Management,Sound Smooting,Frequency Co mpression,eWind Screen,Feedback Cancellation,Data Logging,Acclimatization Manager,InsituGram,Tinnitus Noiser.

Gain & Fitting

S-45/108   S-10-85

M-60/119   M-10-95

P-70/124    P-15-110

Hp-75/130  HP-20-115

Range: 16

Battery: 312