Signia Pure 13 7Nx

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BrandSignia ModelPure 13 7Nx TypeReceiver In The Canal (RIC) Ideal ForAdults Max Sound Output10-85 10-95 dbFrequency Range45/108 ,60/119FeaturesSleek & Smart ,Clarity In Hearing ,Noise Level Controller ,User Friendly ,Easy To Operate ,Digital ,Channel 48 & Battery 13 No Warranty Duration2 Years

Signia Pure 13 7Nx is under the premium segment. When you come for the selection of Hearing aid it is the best choice for you. It can be beneficial for all hearing loss Mild, Moderate, Severe or Profound Hearing Loss and gives you the best natural sound of hearing. Maximum Energy efficiency unit you selected. This Model provides you longest audio streaming time, so you can not miss anything hearing in your life.

When you are enjoying anything in life the aid will help you natural surrounding sound perfectly and enjoy more destination in your life.

Enjoy Phone Calls, Music, and TV


Stream your favorite opera straight into your ears, discreetly change the degree consistent with fit your needs whereas observation a replacement production of a theater classic on TV or hear the quickest route to the foremost renowned sights from your navigation app – all you wish may be a smartphone.


Own Voice processing (OVP),Revolutionary dual processing,Ultra e2e Binaural Link,Made for iphone,Direct streming from iphone& select iOS device,3D classifier,Extended dynmic range,Extended Bandwidth(12kHz),Narrow directionality,Spatial speech focus,Eco Shield,HD Music,Twin Phone,eWindScreen Binaural,Adaptive Streaming Volume,Advance feedback cancellation,Tinnitus Noiser,Spatial Configurator,IP68 Rating.