Signia RIC Cellion 7Px

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Brandsignia ModelCellion 7Px TypeReceiver In The Canal (RIC) Ideal ForAdults Max Sound Output10-85 10-95 20-115 dbFrequency Range45/108 60/119 ,70/124FeaturesLess Visible ,Sleek & Smart ,Clarity In Hearing ,Noise Level Controller ,User Friendly ,Easy To Operate ,Rechargeable ,Digital ,48 Channel,Built Li-iON Battery Warranty Duration2 Years
Rechargeability,Inductive Wireless Charging,e2e wireless 3.0,Speech Master,Extended Bandwidth(12kHZ),Narrow directionality,Spatial speech focus,EcoShield,HD Music,TwinPhone,Wireless CROS/BiCROS,TruEar,Frequency Compression,eWindScreen Binaural,SoundBrilliance,Adaptive Streaming Volume,Feedback Cancellation,Speech and Noise Management,Sound Smoothing,Directional Speech Enhancement,Sound Equilizer,Data Logging,Learning Acclimatization manager,Tinnius Noiser,Spatial Configurator,IP68 Rating.