Sonics Cheer 20 RIC Hearing Aids

250 Grams
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Nt.Wt / Cont.
250 Grams / Piece
BrandSonics ModelCheer 20 TypeReceiver In The Canal (RIC) Ideal ForAdults MaterialPlastic Max Sound Output100 dbFeaturesLess Visible ,Sleek & Smart ,Clarity In Hearing ,Noise Level Controller ,User Friendly ,Digital Warranty Duration2 Years

Best Sonics Cheer 20 RIC Hearing Aid Price.

Cheer 20 RIC Hearing Aid: Sonics is a US-based manufacturer company and well known in sound quality and good features available in cheer 20 receiver in canal (RIC) hearing aid model. It is the best to produce in BTE and custom fit hearing aid and customers are demanding for this company. It is wireless connectivity and lightweight model and user-friendly

Technology review of Sonics Cheer 20 RIC Hearing Aids